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[26/02/2013] Unacceptable Conduct

You've begun to have doubts. I know it. I can tell by your thinking, by the same tender look both you and Mrs. Reid share when you look upon me. [Reid cannot pretend that he doesn't hate it or her, everyone for cosigning themselves to resignation. For doubting his judgement and that insistent ache coming from somewhere behind his stomach that has so rarely led him astray in the past.]

But if we are to work with one another you must be on my side. I can have it no other way. You must believe as I believe and give no quarter if you intend for our partnership to last. All is not lost. I know -- [He ducks his head, shielding himself and his hope, as fragile as a spider's web quivering in a summer's breeze but still, somehow, enduring, beneath the brim of his bowler hat.] ... All is not lost.

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